At only four months old, Vanilla Bean has had more than her share of challenges.

Found as a stray with an injured leg in Missouri, she was brought to a local shelter for treatment. They helped her the best they could and arranged for Vanilla Bean to be relocated to Northeast Animal Shelter to receive the medical care she needed.

It was on the trip to Massachusetts that the driver became concerned at how lethargic Vanilla Bean appeared and alerted our medical team.

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An immediate examination revealed this poor little kitty had a fractured femur and was also displaying signs of acute kidney disease, likely a result of her young kidneys being unable to completely process the pain medication she had received for her leg.

Although her prognosis was initially uncertain, with lots of supportive care and a special diet, her kidney function returned to normal and her femur healed without the need for surgery.

Today, Vanilla Bean is a happy, playful, and healthy kitten who is well-loved by her new adoptive family!