Goose, Sissy, and Jayne were three of 40 dogs removed by The Humane Society of the United States from a property in Texas where living conditions were described as hazardous and neglectful. The dogs were housed outdoors in chain link kennels, exposed to the elements, their water bowls frozen over.

Fortunately, a bright new chapter was awaiting them. Sissy and Goose were relocated to Northeast Animal Shelter and quickly won over the staff with their happy, wiggly, and loving personalities — despite everything they had been through. Jayne, a heartworm positive Pit bull mix was transported a few months later after she completed her treatments.

Each of these mellow and gentle dogs soon found their forever family, but six-year-old Goose still had one challenge to overcome. This sweet boy suffered from bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis. As a result, his hips were painful, and he had a reduced range of motion. But with the right medication and mobility management, our medical team didn’t think surgery was needed. Goose was cleared for adoption!

His new mom reports, “Goose is just amazing! From the moment we got home, it’s like he’s been a part of our lives forever. He is so easygoing, well-behaved, and just a complete love. He’s great at meeting new people and makes quite an impression on everyone.”

She also said that having Goose around has given her other dog Izzy a lot of confidence, which has been amazing to see. “We used to not be able to leave Izzy alone or run the washing machine without her being really anxious. Goose is a great little/big brother to her.”

Their lives were changed thanks to your compassionate support.