There’s a saying that cats have nine lives. Stella, a 15-year-old Devon Rex, must have been on number eight when she was brought to Northeast Animal Shelter.

Found wandering alone in the woods, poor Stella was in rough shape. She was anemic, underweight, and diagnosed with a heart murmur as well as stage 2 chronic kidney insufficiency – which means that up to 75% of her kidney function had been lost.

As if that wasn’t enough, Stella’s left eye was injured and had to be removed, and eventually she will need to have her few remaining teeth extracted as well.

Yet despite all of her health woes, Stella remained an incredibly sweet and friendly cat who responded well to her treatments.

Once her medical needs were addressed, the next challenge was to find Stella a home where she could spend her remaining years being cared for and loved. Our veterinarian felt her quality of life was good in the short term and guarded in the long term, which could make finding an adopter difficult.

But Stella’s affectionate nature and laid-back personality easily overcame any obstacles, and two weeks after arriving at NEAS, she went home with her new mom.

We know Stella’s ninth life will be her best!