“As we roll up on our first month, Cash continues to make huge strides. He loves to go on walks and now greets people (and dogs) along the way, and he even lets strangers pat him.

We’ve been working on his fear of the car, and yesterday I took him to the beach for the first time, which he absolutely loves. He had so much fun playing/running in the sand, dipping his paws in the water, sniffing shells and seaweed, and of course – chasing seagulls. He jumped back into the car all on his own when it was time to leave, which is huge progress for him!

Cash is still the best snuggle buddy ever and will happily curl up next to me when there is down time. My six-year-old was home sick last week, and he didn’t leave her side.

Some of his funny quirks include barking at the vacuum and at the steam mop. He is so funny and cute, and the kids and I get the biggest kick out of his silly antics. Overall, we couldn’t be happier, and I am forever grateful he landed here with us. We just love him SO much.”