Although Northeast Animal Shelter is known for adopting out cats and dogs, we want all companion animals to have loving homes! That’s why NEAS and the MSPCA have co-hosted a number of fee-waived adoption events for small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs.

At our April event, a total of 51 animals found homes – including 16 guinea pigs, 17 birds, 12 rabbits, one hamster, two gerbils, and three rats. While they may be little in size, these social creatures make great pets and hold a big place in the hearts of their new families.

One of our favorite piggies who recently got adopted was BB8, a five-year-old guinea pig with a golf-ball sized tumor on his hind leg. Because the mass was so large (and BB8 is so small), the surgical outcome was uncertain. We’re happy to report the tumor was completely removed.