Our veterinary team first set eyes on Aurora and her 12-week-old pup Phillip during a monthly visit to Berkeley Animal Center (BAC), one of our community shelters in rural South Carolina. At one time, it was among the highest risk shelters in the country. Now, through our mentoring program, they are well on their way to maximizing their sheltering capacity and saving lives.

Like many shelters, BAC is often overwhelmed with dogs needing extra care and support, like Aurora and Phillip. Both were found abandoned and starving to death. BAC quickly introduced them to a customized refeeding program to help them regain weight safely.

Still, knowing dogs with medical challenges are often passed over for adoption, they needed more resources and asked for our help. We were confident we could address the dogs’ medical needs, give them plenty of much-needed socialization, and ultimately find them loving homes. So we agreed to bring them to NEAS through our relocation program.

Aurora and Phillip arrived at NEAS on July 22. Phillip, who was old enough to be weaned from his mom, was transferred to our MSPCA-Boston Adoption Center, where he was neutered and quickly adopted. Aurora stayed with us, continuing to rest and recuperate. She takes delight in all the attention she gets from staff and volunteers while she waits for her new adoptive family

Aurora and Phillip’s story is a great example of how we help more dogs through our relationships with shelter partners and our relocation program. Together, we create more space so our partners can continue to help dogs locally, while providing resources our shelter partners may not be able to offer.