Feline Outreach

Both locally and nationally, cat overpopulation is still an urgent problem. Northeast Animal Shelter works with rescue partners in our community and across the country to take in as many cats in need as possible. Our large facility allows us to assist feline organizations who are overwhelmed with homeless, adoptable kittens and cats. Because of our incredible community of compassionate animal lovers, we are able to quickly place these otherwise unwanted pets in permanent homes.

Senior Cats for Senior Laps

Our Hazel Ford Senior Cats for Senior Laps Program allows senior citizens age 65 years and over to adopt cats age 12 years and over for a reduced adoption fee of $50.

Mature cats are wonderful companions. With their rambunctious years behind them and their curiosities cured, they are ideal pets for a less active home. Because Northeast Animal Shelter’s senior cats are in need of permanent homes, they are especially grateful for the companionship and care a senior adopter provides. Our senior cats will give their senior adopters many years of fun, affection and unconditional love in return for the warm lap their senior adopter gives to them.

Northeast Animal Shelter realizes that adopting any pet as we approach our golden years is a big decision. We’d like our senior adopters to consider the following:

  • Your new pet must be well matched to your abilities and your environment.
  • Your new pet will require vet visits. Do you have transportation and the financial resources for the lifelong veterinary care your new family member will need?

As with all of our adoptions, Northeast Animal Shelter requires the following:

  • A tax bill or mortgage statement as proof of home ownership or a lease stating that you are allowed to have a cat. We also require your landlord’s phone number so that we can speak with him or her.
  • An ID with proof of age and current address.

Our experienced staff takes many things into consideration when making a decision about placing our pets in homes. Every situation is different, so please understand that we are trying to make the best match for both you and our furry friend.

Feline Enrichment

Our dedicated group of volunteers and staff meet regularly to create ways to keep our cats happy and healthy during their stay with us. These ideas range from grooming, special toys and play time, time spent roaming in one of our community rooms and special bedding and houses in their cages to keep them content until their next play time. Keeping our cats active and happy helps to improve their overall behavior which helps when meeting with potential adopters and keeps them stay healthier.

Did you know that spaying and neutering programs drastically cut down on the number of animals euthanized each year? Your support of the Shelter helps fund community based efforts to control the stray animal population humanely.