During a brutally hot summer, Charleston Animal Society, one of Northeast Animal Shelter’s newest relocation partners in South Carolina, found itself in the midst of what’s being called the largest case of animal cruelty in state history. With over 400 animals in danger, we needed to respond quickly.

Twenty dogs were safely transported from their shelter to our adoption center in Massachusetts. Two of these pets were Beagles named Biscuit and Giblet.

Found emaciated, starving, and living in an enclosure filled with their own waste, Biscuit and Giblet are lucky to be alive. They owe their change of fortune to our affiliation with the MSPCA-Angell, which enables NEAS to help more animals, locally and nationally, by working together.

Mike Keiley, NEAS’ Executive Director, said of the partnership: “We’ve been working hard to expand our already robust animal relocation program by forming new partnerships with organizations like Charleston Animal Society to increase lifesaving efforts in areas where the need is great. When we heard about this heartbreaking situation and the dogs’ medical needs, we knew the MSPCA-Angell would be able to provide that care, so we all stepped up to help.”

Biscuit and Giblet both suffered from severe dental disease, including a painful abscess in Giblet’s mouth that needed to be immediately removed.

After hearing about their plight, NEAS received numerous inquiries from potential adopters, and today, each dog is finally experiencing comfort, love, and kindness from their new forever family.

It’s one more example of how horrible situations can lead to happily-ever-afters, thanks to your support.