Dogs have long been considered the most loyal and faithful of our animal companions, and they rely on us for the same in times of need. But sometimes pets require a level of care that their owners are not able to provide. That’s what happened to Brady, a six-year-old Chihuahua who was surrendered to Northeast Animal Shelter after being diagnosed with diabetes by his veterinarian earlier that day.

Brady suddenly found himself in very unfamiliar surroundings. Nervous and stressed at the shelter, he didn’t want to eat, which posed a real problem when it came time to start his insulin treatment.

But all that changed once Brady was placed in a nurturing and loving foster home. He soon settled in and began eating more regularly, which enabled us to fit him with a continuous glucose monitoring system – a shelter first! This allows our medical staff to remotely check his blood sugar for two weeks and minimizes the need for Brady to go back and forth to the shelter for blood draws.

Now that Brady’s diabetes was under control, he was ready for a forever home. Described as a gentleman who loves to snuggle his people, it didn’t take long to find an adopter who is committed to Brady’s ongoing medical care.