One of the unique features of electric cars is that they are very quiet. So quiet in fact that last fall, a rideshare driver and his passenger were able to clearly hear loud meows coming from beneath the car’s hood. They pulled over on Bunker Hill Community College property to investigate. Sure enough, they saw a tiny kitten stuck in the engine but didn’t quite know how to reach or rescue her.

That’s when Rich, who had just interviewed with the fire department and happened to be attending class at Bunker Hill, came to the rescue. Together, he and some campus police officers used a forklift to raise the car, remove a few parts, and reach the kitten. During the process, Rick burned his hand and arm in his attempts to remove her.

But all it took was one look at this kitty’s adorable face for Rich to know he just had to adopt this mischievous little Tortie! Because of her age and size, the kitten (who is now named Missy) had to first spend some time in foster care before he could take her home.

Rich tells us she is very affectionate and loves to cause trouble for his older cat, Matteo. Life is looking mighty good for this sweet little Miss!