When National Mill Dog Rescue contacted Northeast Animal Shelter about 33 dogs living in a midwestern puppy mill facility, there was no question what we would do. Since joining the MSPCA family, one of our major goals has been to provide immediate assistance to animals exploited in institutional settings.

One of the dogs rescued from this situation was Tebow, a five-year-old French bulldog, who had blood in his urine and needed immediate surgery. The MSPCA-Angell veterinarians removed a stone larger than a penny, which occupied 70% of his empty bladder. A second surgery was scheduled to ease Tebow’s breathing caused by an elongated soft palate.

Even then, Tebow was not entirely out of the woods. He still had to deal with the consequences of living in a commercial breeding facility with little or no socialization for most of his life. Shy and fearful, Tebow needed a loving family with patience and compassion.

Thanks to big-hearted people like you, that’s exactly what he got. When potential adopters, Frederick and his wife, arrived at the adoption center to meet Tebow, it felt like fate. Frederick sat calmly on the floor, and Tebow laid down right next to him, pressing against his leg. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tebow (now named Jacques) greets school children and their parents at the neighborhood bus stop. The couch has become his favorite spot in the house. Despite the challenges of transitioning from a commercial breeding facility to a loving home, Tebow is forever grateful for his second chance. For more information on adoption, please visit neas.org/adopt.