Before arriving at our shelter, Deagan’s life could only be described as heartbreaking. Tethered to a logging chain, weighing just half of what he does today, Deagan suffered a lonely, neglected life. But from the day he arrived, he became a happy, wiggly guy who adored everyone he met. 

Deagan’s neglect left him with two serious medical conditions. For months, he was treated at our shelter for heartworm and babesia, a tick-based disease that infects the red blood cells. Although he quickly became a staff favorite, this lovable dog with a goofy grin had no interest from potential adopters. 

After remaining with us for nearly 100 days, Deagan needed a break from shelter life so we decided to place him in a foster home. It didn’t take long for his foster moms to realize that he was a keeper, and they joyfully adopted him. 

Soon, Deagan will enter service dog training so he can accompany his mom to work. And we have no doubt that he will be much loved at the senior centers where she provides music therapy!