Last year, the Humane Society of Greenwood, located in South Carolina, was confronted with a very challenging situation – an outbreak of the potentially deadly canine distemper virus. So they quickly relocated 28 distemper-free dogs to other shelters to keep them from being exposed.

One of these dogs was Daisy, a 16-month-old American Bulldog. As a result of Northeast Animal Shelter’s partnership with a coalition of South Carolina shelters, we were able to transport Daisy and 14 other dogs to our adoption center in Massachusetts.

Described as energetic, eager to please, and friendly, it was no surprise that Daisy was the first of the Greenwood dogs to be adopted! What was surprising was that the final decision was made not only by the adoptive family, but also by their spirited and rowdy 14-month-old Black Lab mix named Bo.

The family had already introduced Bo to several other homeless dogs at the shelter, but he just didn’t click with any of them. That is … until he met Daisy. They were best friends at first sight. The dogs played easily, running alongside each other, as if they had known one another for years!

Bo’s family knew that Daisy was the perfect fit and brought her home that night. Now named Lola, her new mom tells us “Lola and her brother Bo are attached at the hip. He looks out for her and always wants to be by her side. It warms my heart to see this. Life is better with two!”