Todd, a four-year-old domestic shorthair, was no stranger to second chances.

A distinctive-looking cat with enormous cheeks and unique dark markings, he looked like he had wrestled with a Sharpie and lost! This past year, Todd ended up at the Muncie Animal Care & Services Shelter in Indiana, where he patiently waited for a home of his own.

But Todd was fated for an unexpected road trip. When dozens of injured, ill, and emaciated cats were rescued from a severe neglect situation in Indiana, the Muncie shelter needed to quickly make room for them.

So The Humane Society of the United States reached out for help from Northeast Animal Shelter’s animal relocation program, which transports homeless cats and dogs from overcrowded shelters to the safety of our adoption center. And that’s how Todd found himself in a van headed to Massachusetts, along with fellow cats from the shelter.

Given Todd’s friendly nature and unusual face, we knew he’d quickly catch the eye of an adopter, but a medical exam revealed some health issues that first needed to be addressed. Todd had moderate gum inflammation – easily treatable – but also tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Once infected with FIV, cats cannot be cured, although most can live for many years without exhibiting symptoms. FIV eventually leads to a weakening of the immune system, making cats vulnerable to common infections.

All Todd’s new family saw was a cat with adorable cheeks that were meant for stroking and a “cheeky” personality to match!

Todd now spends his days purring with contentment in his forever home – thanks to caring friends like you.