Tango & Poppy

We were devastated after losing our two 15 yr old cats (brother & sister) 5 days apart. Three months later we took a trip to NEAS and met Poppy, a 10 month old cat who came from Georgia. He stuck his paw through the cage and rolled over for us. We immediately knew he was… Read more »


We adopted Graciebelle aka Gracie in 2014 from NEAS where she had come from Alabama. She is certainly a southern hound because she lives to chase squirrels and rabbits who dare come in the yard, as well as take long leisurely naps in the warm sun! She is definitely not a fan of the cold,… Read more »

Nash (formerly Miracle)

I lost my dear boy Jack in August of 2021. We had been together for 8 years. I was so heartbroken I didn’t think I could invite another kitty into my life so I waited a while. I started visiting NEAS in mid September, just looking around. I was being cautious, I think, so the… Read more »

Cider, formerly known as Speckles

When we first went to Northeast Animal Shelter, we were originally looking for an older, smaller dog. But when we walked in, in the very first section, there was a small, loud puppy with a cone on her head named Speckles. She made sure that we noticed her, and when we looked at any other… Read more »

Tortellini / Natalie / Squeaks / Teenie Weenie

I didn’t really expect to take a pet home on that first visit to the shelter, but when they opened the cage door for this lovely little tortie gal, she jumped right into my arms and never left. We were best buddies from day one. She’s made so many meeting cameos that I refer to… Read more »

Sadie Mae

We adopted our Sadie in 2008 from NEAS where her name had been Jade. At 16 she has had quite a life, from the streets of South Carolina to NEAS to Arizona and then to Florida. She has slowed down a lot and loves laying by the pool and having our friends always giving her… Read more »

Princess Pumpkin

A family without something to love and care for can be difficult and feel missing, when we adopted our dilute calico cat Pumpkin (Princess) more love grew in our family and she feels just as loved!

On May 19th we fell in love with our sweet Abby!

My son picked out this perfect girl when she was 10 weeks and had only just arrived at NEAS. He really wanted a pitty-type breed, but my house contains 3 generations of humans and picking a breed suitable for all was uncertain.Well, I have to say that for a “bully-breed”, our sweet Abby (Pitt-Lab mix… Read more »


On June 26, 2021 we adopted Papaya, formally Olive, after the loss of our oldest cat. Our younger cat, Mango, was very depressed and refusing to eat so we thought a friend would help. There was concern about how well they would get along and about her getting enough to eat as Mango is a… Read more »

Luna AKA Heidi!

When we met Luna (previously Heidi) she immediately stole my heart. She was hesitant of us at first, but I was determined to show her just how loved she would be! The first night she slept throughout the night without any crying! We’re now on day 6 and she has completely stolen my boyfriend and… Read more »