Ralph (formerly Thor) came to us from NEAS almost two years ago now and has fit right in – we can’t imagine life without him! He stood out to us on Facebook right away and was an unfurgettable friend as he is diabetic and FIV+, but that doesn’t stop him from anything and we’re glad… Read more »

Sisters 2gether 4ever

We adopted Peggy and Carol (fka Puppup and Sweat pea) in September 2020. Peggy was so so scared and anxious moving from her lovely foster home to a new house, but once she saw Carol get comfortable and trust us, she slowly came around. Now she is the bigger cuddle bug of the duo! We… Read more »

Our Sonny Bear

We rescued Sonny from NEAS back in April 2010. At that time, his name was Bopper and he was about 1 year old and came from Indiana. He had been at the shelter for almost a week and they were surprised it took so long for someone to pick him. Next month will be 11… Read more »

Felix and Moose

We adopted Felix (formerly Dorito) as a kitten from NEAS last July. After our eldest cat passed away last December, we decided that Felix needed another brother to keep him company. Last month we came back to NEAS, and the moment we met Moose we immediately felt he would be the perfect fit. After just… Read more »

Bailey (formerly Holly)

This is Bailey! She has been my best friend and side kick for three months and she is amazing! She loves being trained and going on new adventures every day. In these short three months she has gained thirty pounds and made so many puppy friends and human friends alike! She loves to do zoomies… Read more »

Sydney (formerly Sadie)

I decided to go check out the new puppies that had just come in on Saturday afternoon, but I wasn’t the only one with that idea. When I arrived at NEAS, there was a line of eager soon to be pet owners around the corner of the building. When we were finally allowed inside, there… Read more »

She Was Mere. Now Moira Mae!

After waiting so long to get into the shelter, and as soon as I saw her…I knew she would be coming home with us that day. It had been so long since I have had a puppy..and boy did I realize how much hard work is involved in keeping her safe and healthy! I am… Read more »


This is Kai adopted on 12/4/2020, but we call him Harley. He likes to help me work and do the laundry! He’s a sweetheart! We are so happy that we found him. He fits into our family perfectly! Thank you NEAS!

Our Leia girl <3

We are so grateful to NEAS as we’ve adopted most all of our pets here, Leia being our latest new love! We visited NEAS to start the process of finding a dog, thinking it would for sure take time and many visits as we had some specific needs and desires for our canine friend. After… Read more »

Pixel (formerly Kiki)

We lost our 10 year old cat to lymphoma and we were so nervous getting another. But when we met our little 3.5 month old, Kiki, now named Pixel, she came right up to her cage door! She was meowing and wanting to play with us (even though she was listed as a ‘shy cat’)!… Read more »