My mother and I adopted Timmy in July 2019 after our cat Spencer died at age 16 from nasal cancer. However my mother passed way in September 2019 and I am raising Timmy on my own. At first, he was fresh and out of sorts but over time with care and lot of love and… Read more »


1 week ago today I adopted Victoria, One of the beagles that was rescued. I know that people think that there are big hurdles to jump over with a Dog that has been in a cage its entire life, but my Victoria has had no problem adapting to life with me, Yes, Sights and sounds… Read more »

PITA, PePe, Little Buddy

PITA is an amazing cat. From when he pushed two tiny paws out for us to pet him and then pushed his head out between the holes in his carrier on the way home to his showing up at 6am sharp this morning for his breakfast, he’s an extraordinary cat. Extra inquisitive, extra friendly and… Read more »

Life is a WILLOW!

We visited NEAS in November 2020 and met 2 puppies. The first, Chyna, was adorable but a little skittish. Her sister, Celeste, came into the room and instantly covered us in kisses and cuddles. It was instant love. We brought her home with us that night, renamed her to Willow Sage (we mostly call her… Read more »


Phuka was pretty small and nervous when coming home a year ago, but he was so happy to come to his new home. He has an older sister named Lucy who is 8 (it took a while for her to get used to him). Phuka loves to play and cuddle. his favorite treat is a… Read more »

Luna fka Lucy

We adopted Luna a year from today, and since day one she was an instant family member. She is the biggest love bug, she loves to play, snuggle, and give kisses. This past year would not have been the same without her. She is extremely intuitive with our feelings and knows when we need kisses… Read more »


In 2015, our family traveled 2 hours to Salem to inquire about adopting a puppy. When we got to NEAS, we thought that all the puppies were so cute, but there was one pup in particular that we immediately fell in love with. The 12 week old brown lab and mountain cur mix, Aldo, was… Read more »


We just celebrated our one-year anniversary of adopting our lovely Winnie! She is the sweetest cat and brings us a smile every day. Thank you to the NEAS team!


We wanted to get a cat to replace one we had recently lost. It was VERY HARD to get an appt to see cats because of Covid. On a whim, I went on line and saw that the animal shelter had a time slot available THAT DAY to come and see kittens. I hopped in… Read more »


Esme is all love and cuddles! She brings us so much joy and laughter everyday. Thank you NEAS!