On May 19th we fell in love with our sweet Abby!

My son picked out this perfect girl when she was 10 weeks and had only just arrived at NEAS. He really wanted a pitty-type breed, but my house contains 3 generations of humans and picking a breed suitable for all was uncertain.Well, I have to say that for a “bully-breed”, our sweet Abby (Pitt-Lab mix… Read more »


On June 26, 2021 we adopted Papaya, formally Olive, after the loss of our oldest cat. Our younger cat, Mango, was very depressed and refusing to eat so we thought a friend would help. There was concern about how well they would get along and about her getting enough to eat as Mango is a… Read more »

Luna AKA Heidi!

When we met Luna (previously Heidi) she immediately stole my heart. She was hesitant of us at first, but I was determined to show her just how loved she would be! The first night she slept throughout the night without any crying! We’re now on day 6 and she has completely stolen my boyfriend and… Read more »

Tucker AKA Teddy!

We adopted Tucker in March of 2019. He is a love bug. Loves his humans, car rides, walks, camping and playing with friends. He has reunited with 3 siblings and his mom. Hoping to reunite with the rest of his family some day. Tucker is black and white and this is his sister Remi.

Mr. Becker!

Becker is now 8 years old. He has been having a wonderful life in the past 6 years since he was adopted. After 2 years of quarantining at home with his dad, he recently became an office dog at the new family business, Winthrop Eye Center. He now enjoys greeting every patient and puts them… Read more »

Athena the Love Bug

After our first dog, Calliope, died we were looking for a companion for Cleo and we heard that there were shih tzu puppies available at the NEAS and so we drove down and I stood outside the doors for over 2 hours in the cold waiting for the doors to open. When they did we… Read more »

Storm (Sky)

Today is now 15 days that we adopted Storm. She seems like she is been with us long time ago. She loves her two brothers Dani and Pipe, and she also loves to sleep with both of them.We are training her to go potty in the right place as well buying her a lot of… Read more »


Two years ago, you were a 4 month old puppy at @neanimalshelter that I brought home. I picked you because you looked so scared and were crying anytime you were alone. When we met you didn’t want to play, but I convinced you to give me a hug. Now, you live in a home with… Read more »

Macon the Reindeer

Here is Macon!!! We adopted him over the summer. Then, he was Grizzly, a pup from a large litter from Macon, Georgia. He has the sweetest personality. He is both goofy and lovable. Macon spends most of his days trying to get attention from his doggie brothers Memphis and Milo. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter… Read more »

Piper May… Our missing piece!

We came into the shelter that morning to meet another puppy, but it just wasn’t a good fit. Just as we were getting ready to leave without a new baby to love, a staff member suggested we meet with Piper who had just become available for adoption over the weekend. It was love at first… Read more »