Otis (formerly known as Jax)

I was going through a tough time and had been wanting a dog that I could relate to, love, and spend time with during times I have no company. He has been a great addition to our little family and transitioned smoothly. Our cat Pluto who we adopted in 2019 welcomed him to the family… Read more »


I read the article about the Envigo lab closure and the 4,000 mistreated beagles in need of homes. When I learned Northeast Animal Shelter had 100 of them, I called and said, “I can be there in 2 days.” By the time I got there, there were only 3 left. When I saw this overbred,… Read more »

Thrace Eddy

Thrace has grown very nicely. She’s quite an asset to our family. We’re having an awesome time with her and are so happy to have her as a part of our family. We love and appreciate her and will always cherish her ❤️💕


Nelson and I couldn’t be happier. He is very affectionate and extremely active. He is very headstrong but he’s a cat after all! I will be making a donation soon Thanks so much


We adopted Allie (originally named Pepper) a few months after losing our 14 year old cat, Gypsy, to lymphoma. We weren’t sure if we were ready to open our hearts so soon after losing Gypsy, but Allie captured our attention immediately. She is the sweetest cuddle bug and we could not imagine our lives without… Read more »

Lady Delphine

I initially went to NEAS to adopt a kitten, but when I saw little Delphine I knew she was for me. Her gorgeous eyes and perfect fur pattern resulted in the addition of “Lady” to her name, like a proper royal woman! A year later and she is my best friend who will not leave… Read more »

Maggie Mags

We adopted Maggie (previously Liz, but she didn’t know that) a year ago at ~6 months old. When we met her at the shelter, she went instantly belly up for loves and then wanted to play. However, we were told she was high energy and a bit reactive to other dogs, which was not something… Read more »

Mei Mei the BEST Little Sister

Born in 2022, Mei Mei had no idea what adventures would be in front of her after adoption. She entered the shelter at just a few months of age and was quickly adopted into a life of playing with dogs, camping and beach trips. Her name translates to ‘little sister” and she has been the… Read more »

Max the Rabbit

I love max very much he’s a very lovable bunny brings joy to my heart I adopted him one year ago today April 20 2022 he’s a very spoiled bunny 🐰


My best friend of almost 30 years volunteered at NEAS and she passed away suddenly last year on 6/29. In honor of her, my family adopted Riggs. We already had a German/Husky mix at home so she would have a big brother, Jax. Riggs loves him sooooo much, she emulates his every move. Riggs has an… Read more »