Mei Mei the BEST Little Sister

Born in 2022, Mei Mei had no idea what adventures would be in front of her after adoption. She entered the shelter at just a few months of age and was quickly adopted into a life of playing with dogs, camping and beach trips. Her name translates to ‘little sister” and she has been the… Read more »

Max the Rabbit

I love max very much he’s a very lovable bunny brings joy to my heart I adopted him one year ago today April 20 2022 he’s a very spoiled bunny 🐰


My best friend of almost 30 years volunteered at NEAS and she passed away suddenly last year on 6/29. In honor of her, my family adopted Riggs. We already had a German/Husky mix at home so she would have a big brother, Jax. Riggs loves him sooooo much, she emulates his every move. Riggs has an… Read more »


Today is October’s Gotcha Day, July 3rd.His foster name was Ryder from North Carolina. He was fostered with our other adoptee, Fergus, now called Edgar Allan Purr. We had no idea they had been fostered together and they and we lucked out! October is a handsome dude and the Love of my husband’s Life. They are… Read more »

Edgar Allan Purr

We are celebrating Edgar’s Gotcha Day today, July 3rd. A year ago we adopted this little bundle of cute from the North East Animal Shelter and we couldn’t be happier!Edgar, once called Fergus by his foster mom, was sent up north from North Carolina with his Bosom Buddy, Ryder, who we now call October. We… Read more »


Today we are celebrating the1st anniversary of Isis’s Gotcha Day, July 3rd, 2021.Isis is a gorgeous Snowshoe cat, All little white toes and bib and little chin. Her huge blue/grey eyes are mesmerizing and she exudes grace and dignity. She is 5 years old now.We got her from the same batch of cats and kittens… Read more »


We adopted Katy from Northeast Animal Shelter ten years ago this July. Despite the fact that she started out as a feisty little ankle-biter our entire family loved her instantly. Over the ten years she has mellowed a bit but has not lost her love of a game of fetch or long walks on the… Read more »

Maggie formally known as Stephanie!

We are pleased to report that Maggie (formally Stephanie) is doing great and fit right in with her fur brother & sister! She loves romping through the snow with her sister Winnie and play with fetch with her brother RicoWe are so happy to have welcomed Maggie into our home and glad that she has… Read more »

James now renamed Rusty

James, now renamed Rusty, changed our life since we welcomed him into our family. My family and I wanted to thank Northeast Animal Shelter , Rusty brought extra joy to our family my daughter had been spending some quality time with him Thank you.


We adopted Millie in the summer at 3 months old and over time she has blossomed into the sweetest dog ever. We just celebrated her 1st birthday and couldn’t be happier.