I went to the Northeast Animal Shelter in hopes of finding a new best friend and I found exactly that. As soon as I approached Eve, she was kneading and it was truly love at first sight. The first night I brought her home she was snuggled up to me and purring, and she has… Read more »


The cutest cuddliest most lovable kitten made it’s way into our home a year ago today!!!


I have a lovely dog named Marley who has brought about many changes in my life and that of my son, who lives with me. Although he can be a handful, he’s definitely worth it! We picked up Marley from Northeast when he was just 3 months old and weighed a mere 13 pounds. He… Read more »


My husband and I adopted Charlie a couple months after we lost our 6 year old boy Darwin to kidney disease. I was heartbroken but knew eventually it would be time to welcome a new little one to our family. We also have a 15 year old cat named Jiggy and felt he needed another… Read more »

Nemo and Nola

Nemo (now Bandit) and Nola (now Oreo) are the most well-adjusted happy cats we have had as pets. The care and love they received at the shelter is notable. They are the sweetest cats and are treasured and loved additions to our family of pets. Our pets are outdoors when the sun comes up and… Read more »


We received our love when Tonks came to us. She did choose us. She is very sociable and just loves people. She gets along with our three dogs and puts them in their place

Lexi (Burger)

Looking back a year ago I am absolutely overwhelmed with Lexi’s day to day improvement.The first month was so hard to experience her fears . It was heartbreaking. Over the months she slowly became a true beagle. We are so attached to Lexi and look forward to many joyful days.


Smartest, most observant boy!!!! So photogenic!!!

Rufus and Merlin

I adopted both of my babies from Northeast Animal Shelter. Rufus came home in July of 2021. He was an adventurous, curious, friendly kitten who has grown into the life of the party. He loves playing with plastic springs, laying belly up on the living room rug, sitting on the front porch in his harness,… Read more »


Honey was unexpected. When I saw all the posts about the beagles from Virginia I had no idea I’d be saving one of them. I drove three hours and wasn’t even prepared to meet her specifically. When I got to the shelter I was informed that I was going to be meeting “Dumpling” who wasn’t… Read more »