Cat Foster care providers are needed to help care for cats in their homes for a variety of reasons including when a cat is too fearful in the shelter environment, has a medical or behavioral issue to address, needs temporary care while an owner is in crisis, or because the adoption center is full and needs support. We supply everything you need to get started fostering and you choose the cases you are able to help with, whether that is by species, times you are available, or the types of foster needed!

·       House cats in their home. 

·       Take photos, videos and notes regarding your foster pet. 

·       Ensure all foster animals are provided with the best possible care. Clean and disinfect enclosures, cages, etc., provide proper food, water, bedding and enrichment for your foster pet. 

·       Live reasonably close to the shelter facility and have reliable transportation in order to transfer animals to and from the shelter for vet care, or other appointments. 

·       Engage in using social media, and other marketing tools in order to assist your foster pets in finding an adoptive home. 

·       Participate in orientation or training as required for the role.

·       Have the ability to keep information confidential.

·       Be willing to help with transfer of foster pets to/from shelter/adopters. 

·       Communicate any needs or changes to the Foster Care Coordinator.

To apply to become a Cat Foster Caregiver, please click here.