Bronx, a 13-year-old poodle mix, was one of 90 animals evacuated from Louisiana and relocated to Northeast Animal Shelter as a result of Hurricane Ida.

Like many of the senior pets who arrive through our animal relocation program, Bronx was in need of veterinary care. An initial health check indicated he had a heart murmur, a persistent cough, cataracts that rendered him partially blind, and a mass on his neck.

Fortunately, a more thorough exam revealed no active heart failure or need for medication, and no cancer concerns. In fact, given his age and the circumstances that brought Bronx to our shelter, he was amazingly resilient, energetic, and able to navigate his new surroundings – despite his visual impairment.

It’s no wonder that he was soon adopted and renamed Louie – in recognition of his Louisiana roots. And oh, what a great life he has now!

Louie follows his new dad everywhere, sleeps on his lap in the evening, and even on his shoes when he’s not around! When it’s bedtime, Louie sprawls out on his own bed (he has a choice of two) and dreams sweet dreams about the wonderful adventures that await him the next day.

Louie has quickly made himself a much-loved member of the family, which includes another senior dog, Sophie. His story proves that there is no age limit on second chances – and on love.