If you’ve ever owned cats, you know that no two are alike. While the majority of cats thrive in a home environment, some are just not meant for an indoor-only lifestyle.

Such was the case with Kate and Kitty – a bonded pair of 14-month-old cats from Georgia. Over several months, this antisocial duo made it very clear that all they really wanted was to be together and on their own.

Based on kennel observations and behavior evaluations, we decided Kate and Kitty would be great candidates for a barn cat program, so we reached out to our colleagues at MSPCA’s Nevins Farm. Since Nevins is a working farm, they often get requests from farmers who are looking for barn cats. In no time at all, the ideal person inquired, and came to NEAS to adopt them!

Thanks to Northeast Animal Shelter’s affiliation with the MSPCA, Kate and Kitty are now living the independent lifestyle they were destined for.