Making a bequest is easy and will mean so much.


Please consider adding NEAS to your will, life insurance, IRA, 401K,  retirement fund, bank savings/checking account, or brokerage account.


By planning ahead, your generosity can continue to help homeless pets for years to come. All it takes is adding a short, separate document to your will, called a “Codicil.” Click here to view a sample Codicil.

If you have life insurance, an IRA, or a 401K plan, it’s even simpler.  Just ask your insurance agent, IRA administrator, or 401K administrator for a beneficiary form and name Northeast Animal Shelter, Inc. as the beneficiary.  Be sure to include our address, 347 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA 01970, and our tax ID number, 51-0183474. Our pets will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness!

If you have already named the Shelter in your estate plans, please let us know so that we may thank you and welcome you into our Forever Friends Legacy Society.

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For more information on how your legacy can live on through a bequest, please contact Ellen Miller at 978-745-9888, ext. 316. You can also reach Ellen by email at


We will always remember ….

John Duhamel

John Duhamel was a nurse who dedicated his life to helping others. In his heart, John felt that his own humanity was measured not only by his love for people and animals in need, but by his actions. Outside of work, John regularly volunteered at Northeast Animal Shelter.

John loved spending time with cats at our Shelter, and he was especially fond of his own cat. John lived frugally, saved as much as he could, and made Northeast Animal Shelter the sole beneficiary of his will. We named our building the “John Duhamel Adoption Center” in his honor. His generous bequest will allow our Shelter to continue helping many more animals in need, and the funds will be used judiciously, providing a fitting legacy for a man who had so much love to share.

Barbara Stackpole

Barbara Stackpole was an artist and a member of her local Art Association, Garden Club and Arts & Crafts Society. Barbara was an intelligent, funny, talented, caring woman. We were saddened by her recent passing at the age of 96.

Because Barbara loved animals and wanted her generosity to continue after her death, she included Northeast Animal Shelter in her estate plans. Barbara’s kindness will live on by benefiting the thousands of homeless pets we are able to care for through her bequest.

Hazel Ford

Hazel Ford was a committed cat lover who spent her life generously supporting local animal shelters. Before she passed away, Hazel made a generous provision for Northeast Animal Shelter to ensure that her lifetime of support would continue.

Through a bequest in her will, Hazel will continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of the thousands of animals that the Shelter saves each year. We are so grateful, and in appreciation of Hazel’s generosity, we named our cat nutrition center in her memory.

Larry Thomases

Larry Thomases worked for many years as a translator and interpreter for a non-profit agency. His friends describe him as “a gentle warrior in our struggle for social justice.” Larry was a very talented writer, and had a wonderful sense of humor. He was a very kind and generous man, and we were very saddened by his recent passing.

Because Larry loved animals and wanted his generosity to continue after his death, he named Northeast Animal Shelter as the beneficiary of his IRA account.

We are very grateful that Larry included Northeast Animal Shelter in his final plans. Larry’s kindness will live on by benefiting the thousands of homeless pets we are able to care for through his bequest.

You too can make a lasting gift of love

If, like John, Barbara, Hazel, and Larry, you want to ensure that your support of Northeast Animal Shelter continues in the future, we encourage you to include us in your own estate plans. It is a simple process with very meaningful results. You can ensure that homeless cats and dogs are rescued, cared for and placed in permanent homes.