Even the saddest stories can have happy endings. Just a couple of months ago, the police received calls that two pitbulls, frail and weak, were running aimlessly in Salem. They were tracked down and brought to emergency care. But hours later, two more dogs were found, also malnourished and dehydrated.

Each of these abandoned dogs showed signs of abuse and neglect. Their ribs and spine were protruding. And there were marks around their snouts and muzzle area, which appeared to have been bound shut.

After a short stay in the care of Salem Animal Control, three of these pitbulls – named Sassy, BamBam, and Pebbles by the staff – were transferred to the Northeast Animal Shelter and prepared for adoption. Despite their ordeal, all three were incredibly loving and friendly.

Their future looks bright. Pebbles was adopted by the Salem vet tech who worked to get the dogs their health checks and medical care. BamBam was also adopted, and playful and affectionate Sassy is preparing to find her loving home.