When a Texas shelter became overcrowded with cats, it reached out to Northeast Animal Shelter for help. Thanks to our lifesaving relocation program – and your support – we were able to immediately answer the call. That’s when we first met Skeeter, a young and extremely shy cat who was overwhelmed with all the sounds, activity, and commotion of a busy shelter environment. Skeeter needed a quiet and predictable home, with a family that would allow him to settle in at his own pace.

As fate would have it, Rachel and Cristiano had planned a visit to NEAS not long after Skeeter arrived. They had been without a cat at home for several years, and they were finally ready to open their hearts and home to a cat who really needed them. And oh, how Skeeter needed them! Smitten with his shy nature and knowing they could make his next chapter a happy one, regardless of how quickly and well he adjusted, Rachel and Cristiano took a leap of faith and brought him home.

Skeeter’s new life began with a new name – Tigrino – and a small safe place in the home to call his own. With socialization and training tips from the NEAS Behavior Team and plenty of delicious treats to entice him, the new family began to bond. Rachel reports, “We are all doing fine and making our way – Tigrino is very brave and is learning to trust as fast as he can.” He’s even learned to enjoy lap time, especially when accompanied by his favorite treat.

Congratulations, Rachel, Cristiano, and Tigrino! Wishing you a very happy life together!

Learn more about our adoption program at neas.org/adopt.