Earlier this year, Northeast Animal Shelter took in 41 cats and 8 dogs who were rescued from an extreme hoarding situation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Alice, a gentle senior kitty, was among them.

It’s anyone’s guess how long she lived in the home, described by investigators as “crowded and unsanitary,” but it was clear that Alice had been neglected for some time.

One of her eyes had already been removed and the other was bulging and painful. She was very underweight and had been in a confined space for so long that her fur was permanently stained. To relieve Alice’s discomfort, we had to remove her second eye and address several dental issues.

Despite it all, Alice remained a friendly and content girl. Her favorite pastime is lying quietly in her bed, but she also enjoyed exploring her surroundings while spending time in a foster home and shelter office. Alice immediately won our staffs’ hearts with her purring and head rubbing, and we were overjoyed when she was adopted by a family who will make sure her senior years are her best!