Bennie came to us with huge green eyes and an even bigger bad attitude!

When she and her four kittens were first brought to Northeast Animal Shelter after her owner went into assisted living, this stressed mama cat hissed, swatted, and lunged at our staff. Bennie couldn’t be examined unless sedated, and she didn’t seem to like other cats much either. Given her antisocial behavior, we thought Bennie would be a good candidate for a barn placement.

But things started to change once we moved her into a cat condo, where she could be alone. Slowly but surely, we won her trust by sitting and quietly talking to her and giving her special treats. With time and patience, a sweeter, gentler Bennie eventually emerged. Perhaps she would do well in a home after all?

Since being adopted, Bennie’s disposition continues to improve. She enjoys listening to the birds outside, playing with her toys, and even uses her paw to “ask” to be petted. Turns out that love was all she needed.