I adopted both of my babies from Northeast Animal Shelter. Rufus came home in July of 2021. He was an adventurous, curious, friendly kitten who has grown into the life of the party. He loves playing with plastic springs, laying belly up on the living room rug, sitting on the front porch in his harness, and snuggling with mom. He also thinks every can that is opened in the house is for him and still has a little squeaky meow despite being a big fluffy boy.
Almost a year to the day later, in July of 2022, Merlin joined the family. He is not an adventure cat like his brother but he is such a love bug. He likes to hang out in the bathroom during showers, chirp at birds in the window, and sleep in the cat hammock. He drags his string toy around the house which is so adorable and he’s very vocal when he wants attention. He wears a glow-in-the-dark collar because you can’t see him at night! 😆
They’re both spoiled rotten and well loved by lots of people.