Nemo (now Bandit) and Nola (now Oreo) are the most well-adjusted happy cats we have had as pets. The care and love they received at the shelter is notable. They are the sweetest cats and are treasured and loved additions to our family of pets. Our pets are outdoors when the sun comes up and indoors when the sun goes down. Our two new black and white short hair kittens adapted quickly to our environment (which includes two dogs) when we got them. All pets became fast friends, and Bandit now believes he’s a dog too. He loves to eat. He loves to be petted. He loves the dogs. Oreo is more elusive. She likes to smell flowers. She likes to climb trees. She loves to be held and petted. She likes the dogs, but she would rather find a quiet place where she can peer out and watch the world. Thank you for these wonderful little critters!