Honey was unexpected. When I saw all the posts about the beagles from Virginia I had no idea I’d be saving one of them. I drove three hours and wasn’t even prepared to meet her specifically. When I got to the shelter I was informed that I was going to be meeting “Dumpling” who wasn’t even on the website. I was a little hesitant at first but the moment she was brought into the room I just had this feeling. I sat on the floor and I watched as she looked around experiencing everything new in the world. She came over to me and crawled into my lap. In that moment I cried. It was as if she knew I was her home and her safety from all the terrible things that were done to her. While I was in that room with her she really didn’t seem like a dumpling, I tried a bunch of names but the only one that stuck was Honey. Now she is know as Honey Bunny from all her hopping she does when she’s excited. When I brought her home it was rough. Everything was new to her, even just being a dog was new. With the guidance of my other beagle and Australian Shepherd she has become the spitting image of a lounging, relaxed, comfortable pup. There have been many challenges especially when she had to have surgery to have all but 7 of her teeth removed. You would never know it, as in true beagle style she eats anything and everything. She has become the light of my life and I am so happy to have spent an amazing year so far with her. I’m looking forward to the many exciting memories and adventures we have in the next to come.