My husband and I adopted Charlie a couple months after we lost our 6 year old boy Darwin to kidney disease. I was heartbroken but knew eventually it would be time to welcome a new little one to our family. We also have a 15 year old cat named Jiggy and felt he needed another brother. I wasn’t sure when I’d be ready but we decided to take a trip to the animal shelter just to “look”. Charlie had a sister who had been adopted a few hours earlier and he was meowing and rubbing up against his cage as soon as we walked by. He let me hold him and was so calm in my arms that I knew he’d fit right in. He is the silliest cat, constantly getting into things and making us laugh. Jiggy and him are always playing or snuggling. Though I think of Darwin daily and miss him more than anything, our family feels complete again. I think Darwin would have loved Charlie as we do.