In 2015, our family traveled 2 hours to Salem to inquire about adopting a puppy. When we got to NEAS, we thought that all the puppies were so cute, but there was one pup in particular that we immediately fell in love with. The 12 week old brown lab and mountain cur mix, Aldo, was hiding in the corner as families walked around admiring the dogs, but as soon as we walked by, the little pup came scuttling out of his corner to lick our hands. When we turned our backs to him to grab his adoption interest card, he cried not knowing we were leaving so we could make him our newest family member.

Now known to all as Toby, the once-little pup Aldo is now 7 years old and means the world to our family. Toby has coped with ptsd his whole life, but has come so far in his bravery and excitement to explore the world as a curious and extremely smart dog. When he first arrived at our house, Toby was scared to trust any humans and would seek shelter in his kennel to protect himself, needing lots of encouragement to venture out to eat food and go to the bathroom. After showing him lots of love and safety, Toby soon let down his guard and knew that he had found his forever home. Though sounds and objects still frighten him, he no longer isolates himself for protection, and instead feels safest in the arms of his humans. 

Rescuing little Aldo 7 years ago was the best decision we’ve made and we are so thankful to NEAS for taking care of him before we were lucky enough to find him!