We were devastated after losing our two 15 yr old cats (brother & sister) 5 days apart. Three months later we took a trip to NEAS and met Poppy, a 10 month old cat who came from Georgia. He stuck his paw through the cage and rolled over for us. We immediately knew he was meant to come home with us. He got along well with other animals in his foster home so he was a great choice as we wanted a 2nd cat. Three months later we met Tango (formerly Blinkin) at NEAS, an orange male. He was 3 months and very sweet. After about a week the two cats bonded so nicely. They are best buddies and really love each other! ❤️They are wonderful with my 3 kids, love to look out the window, steal hair elastics and snuggle up together. Many times we find Poppy hugging Tango. 😊NEAS was fantastic and David was so very helpful to us during the adoption process. We are so happy with our furry friends!!