We visited NEAS in November 2020 and met 2 puppies. The first, Chyna, was adorable but a little skittish. Her sister, Celeste, came into the room and instantly covered us in kisses and cuddles. It was instant love. We brought her home with us that night, renamed her to Willow Sage (we mostly call her Wills) and she fit into our family as if she was always there. She is 70lbs and thinks shes a lap dog. She will climb into your arms and cuddle up on your neck. She loves kisses, treats and shredded cheese in her food. We had recently lost our 18 year old cat, and I truly believe she sent Willow to us. She is the best dog we could have ever asked for. Thank you NEAS for bringing her here from Georgia! She is a little sunbunny who hates the snow and rain, she truly is a southern girl!