On June 26, 2021 we adopted Papaya, formally Olive, after the loss of our oldest cat. Our younger cat, Mango, was very depressed and refusing to eat so we thought a friend would help. There was concern about how well they would get along and about her getting enough to eat as Mango is a big, boisterous boy. We kept them separate for awhile with their food in separate rooms. Once introduced the first thing Papaya did was walk over to Mango’s food and shove him out of the way. He was stunned but recovered and headed into her room to eat her food. My son and I figured this was a sign they would accept each other. We have never had a pair of cars that got along well and were pleasantly surprised that this jumping off point has led to a fast friendship with playtime and lots of snuggle time together. We are so thankful to the Northeast Animal Shelter for helping us to build our lovable tropical fruit salad 🙂