I got Casper a Bichon Frise in 2017, Ray had introduced me to Casper. It was love at 1st site and I ended up adopting him. Casper was 13 years old and his owner had passed away and he was so upset and sad. Casper had an issue with his tale and kept biting it and had to have couple surgeries. They said he would need to wear a cone for the rest of his life, so he would not bite himself. But after seeing a Behavioral doctor and did some therapy and took off his cone and meds for good. He was a new dog. It took a little adjusting to each other at first, but he became my best friend. Then 2019 Ginger 9 year old tea cup Yorkie was brought to the shelter because she was sick and had Mammary tumors. I agreed to foster her, before and after her surgeries. But after taking Ginger in my home. I knew she was my girl and Casper’s bestie! I adopted her and has been best thing. They both are healthy, love their new home and play with each other. They love to snuggle with me too, belly rubs and lots of treats. Thank you, Northeast shelter for giving me my fur babies and giving Casper and Ginger a second chance! Margaret