I adopted Lola, formerly known as Coco, in July 2019. My childhood cat of 17 years had passed away two years beforehand, and I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger and adopt a new furry friend. I didn’t think I could ever love another cat as much, but boy did Lola prove me wrong! Not only is Lola a snuggle bug, but she is a total goofball full of personality. She loves head massages, chasing hair ties, and playing with toy mice. She especially loves her stuffed snail toy that she came home from the shelter with. Beyond just being a cat, Lola is an excellent companion and regularly acts as a “sous chef” in the kitchen where she sits on the kitchen stools like a human and “helps” us make dinner in exchange for pieces of chicken. I love her so much, and I am furr-ever grateful to NEAS for bringing her into my life!