The very best friendships are those that deepen with age and last forever.










Such is the case with Jack and Benny, who came to Northeast Animal Shelter from Georgia after their human sadly passed away.

Seeing these bonded seniors together, it was clear that they wanted to spend every day in each other’s company. After all, they had been together from the time they were pups, filled with energy and curiosity, into their adult years, when they cuddled and napped after an energetic outdoor walk.

Now in their golden years, we knew we had to find them an adoptive home who would take the pair – because their bond wasn’t just based on friendship,it was also based on need. Jack is vision-impaired and dependent on Benny to guide the way and help build his confidence in new surroundings. 

All too often, bonded senior dogs are passed up in favor of younger pups. But we knew that with determination and effort, we would find compassionate people who understand there is no age limit on love. These days, Jack and Benny are enjoying life in their new home, together, as they were meant to be.