After scouring Petfinder and shelter websites for months and dozens of applications with no luck, I was beginning to get a little discouraged about the prospects of adding a young furry friend. NEAS had one cat in particular I *really* wanted, but I had no luck booking an appointment due the crazy high demand during the pandemic. I woke up one Saturday and hit that refresh button a couple more times just for the heck of it and all of a sudden an appointment for later that day popped up! Someone must have cancelled! I was beyond excited. I immediately grabbed the appointment slot and spent the next several hours refreshing the shelter cat listing to see if the cat I was interested in was still there. Unfortunately one lucky adopter took home the cat I had my heart set on right before my appointment. There were a few other cute kittens that were adopted that morning as well.

I figured I’d keep the appointment anyway and maybe I could reschedule if I didn’t find a kitty I liked.

The first guy I met at NEAS was Mocha. As soon as we opened the cage he started purring SO LOUD and started kneading and rubbing all over me. He was incredibly friendly and curious right from the get go and I knew immediately this was my guy!

We haven’t even been home 48 hours and this little bean is the king of the apartment! His transition from shelter life has been seamless so far. He’s got the perfect mix of energy and affection that I was looking for. He loves to play, but is also an absolute snuggle bug! I ended up renaming him Rambo because he is a little rambunctious and his purr sounds like a machine gun! Safe to say I’ve got a new bestie!

Many thanks to the staff at NEAS for making the process so awesome – clearly a top notch operation!