We adopted Rambo (formerly Cody) on 1/1/2021 and he has very quickly adjusted to his new forever home! He is an absolute lovebug and just wants to be wherever we are.  Some highlights and accomplishments in the past few days: He spends most of his day hanging out with me in my home office and occasionally going on explorations throughout the house. He often sleeps on his back fully stretched out, clearly feeling right at home. Our 1 year old gives him lots of exercise with the felt wand…then rewards him with eskimo kisses and nose boops! His fur-brother (our 9 y/o Cat, Marshall) has even adapted to him pretty quickly. They aren’t snuggling together (yet) but are having meals and snacks together! He now has full run of the house and is no longer confined to the office. Thank you allowing us to adopt Rambo, he could not be more loved!