Oh My! Ruby is such a love and so, so spoiled. She has 5 beds in the house – she follows me everywhere all day. She even gets up with me to pee and sits on the rug and waits!! So there are beds in the living room, dining room, my office, my bedroom and the front porch; so she’s comfy whatever we’re doing. She is the Queen of the House and is such a lovely dog.  Everyone loves her, she’s so easy. She made her own routine – when we come in from the yard, she will go sit on the rug in front of the kitchen sink and wait for a treat!! It is so funny – I am not sure where that came from, but she’s religious about it. She gives kisses on request and speaks for a treat and sits…that’s pretty much it; when we try something new….she’ll howl because she’s aggravated with the training and just wants the treat at that point!! At 12, I just give it to her with a big kiss. She is so vocal and we talk all day….we always know dinner time at the 5 or 5:30 howl. One of the favorite proteins added to her kibble is Tuna….she loves it!! And she always tells you she has to go out with some good howling and jumping around. She loves walks and at 12 years we were walking about a mile and a half a day, nose to the ground the whole time. She loves to go and rub and roll around in the lawn and lay in the sun out in the grass. We have a place in Maine and she can be free to run around and chase the squirrels and chipmunks – she’s in her element – I think that’s her happy place. The big bed is a little tight but she is snuggled in there under the covers every night – she loves her pack. She adores my father – and when I say, “grandpa’s here” she runs to the door…..sometimes he talks to her on the phone and her head cocks and ears perk. We love her so much and she has been such a blessing to me – to help me grieve the death of my sister last Feb 28th – the same day she was surrendered. We have shared so many wonderful times and we have both found and shared the love we needed. Unfortunately, she’s been off routine for a couple of weeks and stopped being interested in treats and food about a week ago but there was nothing obvious. We found a large mammary mass at her lower groin area. I received the call with the results that our lovely, beautiful girl has mammary cancer. She was spayed at 11 years old when she came, so I’m not surprised it is happening. I’m grateful no matter what happens that we took her into our home and she is so loved and probably has had the best year of her life! I need her for however long that will be. We are definitely a Love Story – I would always take a shelter dog as they have so much love to give. Please, please, advocate spay and neuter. If she had been spayed instead of bred, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Mammary cancer is the most commonly diagnosed tumor in intact female dogs that are older than seven years of age. Even with that, she has had so much fun this year (no snow pictures, she hates it!)…..AND, we still have the banana toy from the shelter and play with it quite often along with the other pile of toys she has now!!!