Cokta (previously Cokoa at the shelter), has been in our lives for 5 months now. She and her brother Kiki (previously Lord Voldermort at the shelter) are both NEAS alums! I’ve had many cats, but a dog? Well, I wasnt so sure about it. Cokta is both me and my husband’s first ever dog. We adopted Cokta in the middle of a pandemic. And quite literally, she has changed our lives in the biggest way. She’s adventurous, where I can be fearful. But with her? I am Dora the Explorer. With her, I am on my way to find the Lost City of Atlantis or steal the Declaration of Indepedence. (Though I think she’d want to eat it). She is so strong and so brave. And she chooses love everytime. She has been through a lot, shes got a past, but so dont most of us. She makes big strides every day. And as pet parents, we couldnt be more proud! Bringing home a puppy is fantastic, but bringing home an adult dog and changing their entire way of being has sparked so much joy in our hearts. She turns five next month and we are so fortunate to be able to celebrate it with her. The photo included is a fun one we did to mark our journey with her. Shes featured, with both of her parents on either side, biting an orange pumpkin gently. Thank you everyone at NEAS, and especially Patrick! You all do an incredible job.