We want the staff at Northeast Animal Shelter to know that the three kittens we adopted in October are doing very well in their new home! We adopted Comet, Moonshine, and Triton whom we have renamed Vincenzo (Enzo), Aldo, and Giuseppe (Gio). They have settled in with us beautifully, eat and sleep well, are energetic, playful, friendly, and love to cuddle. Their typical day is to eat breakfast, play, play, play, nap; eat lunch, play, play, play, nap; eat dinner, play, play, play, bedtime. We have slowly introduced them to our two 20 year-old cats and things are going well. This weekend we allowed the kittens to explore much more of the house and they are delighted to be able to run up and down multiple staircases. We bought them nylon cloth tubes which they love playing in, but their favorite thing is the 7-foot tower we bought for them. We feel that the adoption experience at Northeast Animal Shelter was wonderful. Staff were supportive and helpful and the process went smoothly. Thank you all for what you do – we are delighted that the kittens have adjusted so well. We have benefited so much from having these beautiful cats living with us!