I adopted Nicky (previously known as Jace from West Virginia) in December 2018. He was very scared at first in his new home especially with an older male cat Ricky, but he soon warmed to his surroundings and blossomed. Then, one day in early December a year ago, I noticed he had changed: he was lethargic and was having trouble breathing. An emergency visit to the animal hospital in Woburn revealed fluid surrounding his lungs. They cleared the fluid but also gave me (us) the very dire news several days later that he tested positive for the “incurable” FIP virus, warning of the possible return of the fluids. I could not accept the verdict of “incurable” and found a group which helps cat parents treat and cure their cats with a drug known as GS for short which blocks the virus’s ability to replicate. Long story short: treatment with GS for 3 months and then a 3-month waiting period to be sure symptoms did not return proved to be the fortunate answer for Nicky who today shows no signs of any serious health issues. He has gained his weight back and more. Nicky is now as lively and vital as he can be. He is a great cat who is so affectionate and attached. He is a living miracle.