Fredrick Diamond, previously know as Kaloop, is doing great!! He took very little time bonding with me. He is my shadow. We started training after about a couple weeks, just so he really knew I was for real and safe. I know he was returned once before. He loves every animal he comes across, although get very very excited when he is meeting a new furry friend. Squirrels and chipmunks are his kryptonite, he can’t resist the urge to chase them. Everyone that meets him can’t believe how snuggly he is. It’s his gift to help people emotionally. Such a big Freddy Bear!!! He can be very mischievous. I laugh because he grows lips when he wants to sneak away with something he knows he shouldn’t have. It’s like he doesn’t even open his mouth, he just extends his lips, grads what he wants and sneaks away(of you are looking or not). House breaking is a process with any animal, but he’s doing great. I taught him to tell me by barking, that’s it’s time to go out. He sits, waits, lays down, go ahead, and paw. He’s so smart. He also has a pack he can go run with near my parents house. 4 other dogs. It’s great. He is my second adoption from NEAS and I’m so thankful for both, my past dog and Fred.