We hope you are all safe and healthy as this pandemic continues. I figured there is nothing like happy doggo photos to cheer people up during these gloomy times!
To say that adopting Dora (formerly known as Eudora) was the best thing we have ever done would be a complete understatement. This girl of ours has completely changed our lives for the better. Dora has been adjusting so nicely to our lifestyle, and has really started to love snuggling up to her mumma and daddy. We feel her love for us, and the feeling is so mutual!!!! We actually were supposed to be married on October 18th, but due to Covid-19 we found that for the sake of everyone’s safety, we would be postponing until next year. However, to celebrate our special day, we decided to get “engagement photos” taken, which really meant family photos that OF COURSE included our favorite girl. Dora and I even took extra steps to make sure we were matching! We hope this photo brings a smile to your face, if you look closely you can see Dora smiling too! We are amazed and so proud of the progress we have seen since the first day we met this beautiful, shy girl who paced up and down the fence at the shelter almost the whole time we were there. We love being her safe place, and she truly completes our home. Thank you to Celia and the entire NEAS team!