My family has always included a dog and I have loved all of them BUT they were “family” dogs and always tended to choose my son as their “human”. My children are now grown and have gone out into the world to find their way. So, I become somewhat of an empty nester.
In June of 2017, on a wednesday morning on an impulse I drove to NEAS to inquire about a puppy that I had seen on the website the night before. Honestly, I had zero intention of actually going home with a puppy or so I thought. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the puppy that I had drove out to meet was inside one of the meet and greet rooms with a family. I knew in my heart that puppy had already found his furever home.
The staff member that I spoke with, told me that the puppy had come in with 5 siblings and that there was one female left in the litter who was just coming out of quarantine. She told me she would bring her out, but I was so disappointed about the little guy I went there for, I wasn’t really excited – until – Fiona came through the door. It was definitely “love at first sight”!!!!
Fiona is my everything!!! She is my best friend, my guardian, and my rock. During this COVID19 pandemic, I honest and truly do not know how I would have gotten through most of these days without her. She is absolutely the greatest impulsive decision I have ever made. And at 60 yrs old, she is MY FIRST DOG!!!! I am her human and she is my heart and soul!!!!!
Thank you, NEAS for bringing Fiona into my life and thank you for all you do for every animal that comes through your shelter.