I lost my senior cat to kidney disease almost two years ago the day before Easter and about 6 months before that another cat for the same reason. I was heartbroken without a pet. I visited your website and saw the picture for young Tortie, Tabitha. She was labeled as a bite risk but she had the sweetest face.

I went to the shelter to visit with her. I called my husband and asked him to meet me at the shelter after work. When he arrived I said, “There’s something about her. Her prior family brought her to the shelter when they moved. We saw other cats there, but I kept going back to her. I said I would work with her.”

She loves to look out our slider at the wildlife in the back yard. She loves to play and her red laser is amongst her favorite. She is not a lap cat and still bites here and there, but she has vastly improved from when we got her. She has a nightly snack every night around 7:30 and of course, loves to zoom.
We can’t imagine our family without her. Thank you NEAS!