Sue (formerly Sapphire) and Tesla (formerly Variety), were adopted from NEAS, Sue was adopted in 2010 and Tesla in 2020. Sue is a spicy, sweet girl, and Tesla is a one-eyed devil! Sue is still adjusting to Tesla, While Tesla herself was adjusted on day one! Tesla is currently practicing sit and paw. Her favorite activities are carrying toys, and occasionally playing with her sister! ( though Sue doesn’t approve!) and she only has her left eye, but that doesn’t ever stop her! Sue is laid-back, and she lost her brother, Bootsie last year. Sue is named after My grammie’s sister, Suzanne Dalton, and Sue has been lonely, she had another brother for a short time, but that didn’t work. Now she has Tesla! She still isn’t sure what to think of her, but she is getting better every day! Though these two aren’t usually side by side, there is always an exception!